Rebuilding a Ford 351 Cleveland

Part 5A: List of New Parts for the Ford 351C

Here's a pretty comprehensive list of everything in my 351C. If it says "re-used" that means it was salvaged off the old engine and re-used. Everything else was purchased new. - Matt Hannes

Item Manufacturer Part No. Comments
Alternator Ford ? re-used
Bearings - Mains Clevite MS1010P10 for 0.010" undersize crank
Bearings - Rods Clevite CB927P10 for 0.010" undersize crank
Block Ford D2AE-CA with 4-bolt mains; 0.020" over-bore; re-used
Camshaft CompCams 32-000-9 Grind 290HR, billet core
Carburator Edelbrock 1411 750cfm 4bbl; too big! (Jetted 3 stages lean as of 2015)
Connecting Rods Ford D0AE-A re-used with ARP rod bolts installed
Crankshaft Ford 4MA re-used; ground to 0.010" under
Cylinder Heads Ford D1AE-GA 1971 Boss 4V
Distributor Ford 12127-A re-used, with Pertronix 1281 point-less ignitin
Distributor Cap and Rotor Duralast F2100G
Distributor Gear MSD 8581 bronze - for use with billet cam
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Percys 66052 "Seal-4-Good" reusable
Fuel Pump ? ? re-used
Guide Plates CompCams 4804-8
Harmonic Balancer Ford ? re-used
Head Bolts ARP 154-3604
Head Gaskets Fel-Pro 1013
Ignition Cables Accel 4046
Ignition Coil Pertronix 40011
Ignition Module Pertronix 1281
Intake Manifold Edelbrock Performer re-used
Intake Manifold Gasket Fel-Pro 1228
Lifters - Hydraulic Roller CompCams 8931-16
Pistons Keith Black KB177-020 hypereutectic; 0.020" oversize
Piston Rings Speed-Pro R-9343-25 file-to-fit
Push Rods CompCams 7825-16
Oil Filter K&P Eng. S15 reusable
Oil Pan PPC N/A re-used; 10 qt. capacity
Oil Pan Gasket Fel-Pro 1811
Oil Pressure Sender Duralast PS4
Oil Pump Melling M84AHV
R.A.C.E. Gasket Set Fel-Pro 2710 rear main seal, timing cover seal, water pump gaskets, fuel pump gasket, thermostat gasket
Rocker Arms - Roller CompCams 1045-16
Spark Plugs Autolite 25 tried the 26's, ended up leaning out the carb instead
Thermostat FlowKooler 333-180 180 degree
Timing Gear Set / Chain Cloyes 3121
Valves Ford Racing N/A came with the heads (un-used)
Valve Covers Hall Pantera N/A re-used
Valve Cover Gaskets Fel-Pro 1636
Valve Locks and Retainers N/A N/A re-used
Valve Seals N/A N/A provided by machine shop
Valve Springs CompCams 950-16
Water Pump ? unknown aftermarket; re-used
Other Notes:
- Machine work performed by Colorado Custom Cylinder Heads, 303-761-9077. They did a great job and I'd use them again.
- For break-in, I'm using Valvoline 10W-40 conventional oil. After break-in is complete, I'll switch to Mobil1 10W-30 synthetic.

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