TECH SESSION - May 18, 2003

On this particular Sunday your humble webmaster brought his car over to Dave Fisher's house for a thorough check-up. I had never gone over the car in this much detail in the 18 months I've owned it, so it was a real learning experience. Enjoy the pictures...
The first step was to get the car up on jacks to allow us to have a good look at the entire underbody.
Off come the wheels, seats, and interior engine access panel.
Some views of the interior without the seats.
The alternator, water pump, and other accesories are behind the bulge in the firewall between the seats.
The driver's seat didn't come out too easily at all. Both of the front bolts holding the seat rails to the floor were thoroughly seized and had to be cut out with a grinder. Dave is shown performing the delicate operation.
Yours truly is seen tinkering with the center console.
There's no problem on a Pantera that can't be resolved with a hammer.
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