09-16-14 - Added photos from some of this summers' events.

07-04-12 - Added pictures from this year's Automezzi show.

01-20-12 - Added pictures from the Rocky Mountain Rod & Custom Car Show.

07-20-10 - Finally completed the photo gallery of the 351C rebuild. Check it out!

10-10-09 - Added pictures from High Plains Raceway 9/26/09.

07-10-09 - Added pictures from Reno and Automezzi.

06-12-08 - Added pictures from Vegas.

06-04-08 - Automezzi pictures are up! Updated the calendar. Send me stuff for the web site!

06-10-07 - Automezzi pictures are up!

05-20-07 - Added pictures from the Vegas trip.

04-11-07 - Finally an update! Added pictures from the March and April club meetings.

10-16-06 - Added some fall foliage pictures with my Pantera.

09-16-06 - Added photos from the last meeting and the last CECA track event.

08-18-06 - Added photos from the last meeting.

08-09-06 - Added some pictures and updated the calendar. And today we broke the 10,000 mark on web site visitors. Thanks, everyone!

06-29-06 - Finally added pictures from the last club meeting.

06-12-06 -Added pictures from the CECA event this weekend and Automezzi.

05-28-06 - Added pictures from the CECA-Pueblo track event on 5/13.

05-23-06 - Finally an update with the Vegas trip photos.

04-09-06 - Well it's been a while since the last major update, but with the nice spring weather we'll be getting the cars out more. I did add photos from our Boulder tours on 3/25/06.

10-17-05 - Added photos from last week's meeting, and also a new picture of my car in the fall colors section.

10-02-05 - Added photos from today's cruise with Kip's Ford GT.

10-01-05 - Added some photos of my Pantera in the mountains this morning.

09-10-05 - Added a few more pictures from Aspen courtesy of Dave Hunter.

08-30-05 - Finally an update! I posted some pictures from last weekend's Aspen trip.

06-28-05 - I finally got around to posting a couple pictures from the June meeting.

06-14-05 - I posted photos from Automezzi on Sunday.

06-13-05 - I posted photos from Saturday's track day at the CSP track in Golden.

05-29-05 - I posted photos from today's cruise.

05-14-05 - I posted photos from today's run around the hills.

05-11-05 - I added pictures from yesterday's club meeting. Check out Barry's new car and our new club banner!

05-07-05 - I added pictures from today's CECA event in Pueblo.

04-10-05 - I added pictures from the CSM E-Days Car Show yesterday. A lot of various cars showed up so check it out.

01-29-05 - YES WE ARE STILL ONLINE! For those of you who tried to visit the web site the last three days, it was down due to a server problem with our hosting service. It is resolved now, and hopefully we won't experience such a long downtime again.

01-25-05 - I reorganized the photo gallery to divide it up by year. That way the list isn't real long and hopefully visitors will be able to find stuff a little easier. The big news is the addition of the new police encounters photo gallery.

01-21-05 - Hi everyone, welcome to 2005! I've filled in the club history from 1991 to the present thanks to old newsletters from Dave Fisher.

10-11-04 - Added pictures from yesterday's run to Westcliffe.

10-03-04 - Added a couple pictures of my car with some aspen on Squaw Pass.

09-11-04 - Added photos from the CECA Aspen event.

09-02-04 - Updated calendar.

06-29-04 - Added photos from the CECA CSP track event last Saturday.

06-20-04 - Those of you at the last club meeting got to enjoy watching an old episode of Hawaii Five-O that featured a couple Panteras (driven by none other than Ricardo Montelban). Well some other dedicated Pantera fan has compiled some video clips from that episode into a single Windows Media Video (.wmv) file. Here's a link:

06-13-04 - added pictures from Automezzi XIV.

06-09-04 - updated Calendar and added pictures from yesterday's meeting.

06-03-04 - updated Calendar

05-13-04 - Added pictures from the April and May club meetings.

05-12-04 - Added pictures from the Las Vegas trip last month!

03-14-04 - Added pictures from this weekend's cruise to the Shelby Museum. Also added some club history courtesy of Jeff Nicholson spanning the years 1981-1985. There's more to come on that, too.

01-14-04 - Pantera Performance Center now has it's own web site at A link has been added to the Links page.

10/15/03 - Added photos from the Vail weekend trip last month.

08/26/03 - Added a bunch of new pictures and updated the calendar.

08/10/03 - updated calendar

07/14/03 - Posted photos from last week's meeting.

06/23/03 - Posted photos from this weekend's run to Devil's Tower.

06/01/03 - Added photos from this morning's cruise to Nederland.

05/24/03 - For those of you that don't know already, Alejandro DeTomaso passed away on May 21.

05/21/03 - Posted photos from the May 2003 club meeting.

05/18/03 - Posted photos of Matt's car undergoing a little check-up at Dave Fisher's house.

05/17/03 - Posted photos from the Automezzi Italian Car Festival today.

05/06/03 - Added photos from Dave Hall's trip to the POCA convention in Vegas a couple weeks ago.

04/17/03 - Added a ton of new photos from Dave Hall's collection.

04/14/03 - Added Dave Fisher's photos from the April 2003 club meeting.

04/11/03 - I've added a bunch of photos from 1980s Las Vegas trips courtesy of Dave Hall. They're in the Pictures section but here's a direct link.

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