Pictures from July, 2003 meeting

The meeting took place at Gary Bryan's house. The warm sunny weather brought out eight Panteras!

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Gary was treated to a backyard full of Panteras. Photo by Dave Hall.
Everyone got the chance to browse around the excellent collection of Panteras.
Dorsey's awesome 1985 GT5S.
Mark drove all the way up from Salida in his yellow Pantera.
This meeting marked the triumphant return of Dave's Baddcat to the roadways.
Randy's beautiful yellow '71.
The cars were packed into Gary's driveway.
Dave Fisher's blue '74.
Our club president finally has a Pantera of his own! Jeff's acquisition of Tom's '72 was big news at the meeting.
Panteras galore.
Club members mingle around the food! Photo by Dave Hall.
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