Fall colors in the Rockies

With the aspen starting to turn gold in the high country, I decided to take the Pantera up over Squaw Pass with my digital camera to see if I could get any nice pictures of the car with the aspen. The results are below. Enjoy!

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Take a look down this road! This is at ~8,500 feet elevation.
The beast is posed in front of a meadow with Santa Fe Mountain in the background. This is at approximately 9,200 feet in elevation. The timing of the aspen colors vary greatly from grove to grove and you can see here that the aspen grove in the background isn't quite at its peak color yet.
This is at a turnout around 10,000 feet in elevation.
Sometimes it's good to step back and enjoy the scenery a bit. Here we are at the highest point on the run - right around 11,000 feet. You can see snow on the Continental Divide in the background. Also note all the yellow aspen groves on the hillsides.
Now we're on the downhill side of the mountain at about 9,800 feet. There's a neat little scenic overlook here, and it makes a great morning photo.
Same spot as above, but I like this angle better.
This shot is from the mouth of Deer Creek Canyon on 10/15/05.
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