Canon City Cruise - October 13, 2002

On October 13, 2002 the Colorado Pantera Club put together a cruise to Dan Fisher's house in Canon City, Colorado. A total of ten vehicles made the run. Only five were Panteras, the others were friends of the club with other truly remarkable cars. Here's some pictures for your enjoyment:
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It's 7:30am on a chilly fall morning and the participants are lining up at the meeting place. All these photos by Matt Hannes unless noted.
Dave's 1974 Pantera and a red Viper fueling up for the run.
View of the line-up.
Another view of the line-up. Photo by Ken Tisdale.
Yet another view of the line-up. Photo by Dave Hall.
One by one the cars head off. Photo by Dave Hall.
And we're on our way! The view from the driver's seat of Matt's 1972 Pantera L. That's Pike's Peak off to the left in the distance. And those are two Vipers in front. And these pesky windshield wipers are creeping up the windshield so they will get removed at the next stop.
The five leading cars, south of Woodland Park. Dave's blue '74 Pantera is leading, followed by Blaine's Corvette, the three Vipers, then the Porsche 928.
A mirror full of Pantera!
Another shot of the leaders on highway 67 behind Pike's Peak.
Cruising along on some back road northwest of Canon City. After getting lost in Cripple Creek the group order has been mixed up a bit.
And we're there! All cars eventually arrive at Dan's hangar at the Fremont County airport.
Another view of the cars at the hangar.
Red 1974 Pantera GTS and white 1972 Pantera L.
Ken's 1972 Pantera Pre-L and the two Vipers.
Ken's 1972 Pantera Pre-L. Looking sharp!
Two blue Vipers.
Wish you were here!
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