Cruising The High Country - Oct. 2, 2005

Word has it that Kip needed some help breaking in his 2005 Ford GT so a couple of us got together for a little run to help him. After all it's our duty as good car guys. Here's a couple pictures from the day (all photos by Matt Hannes unless noted):
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The usual suspects meet in Conifer.
And here it is!
Dave's Pantera.
Joe's 2005 Saleen S281.
The GT negotiating some corners.
The group heading down 285.
Always expect the unexpected! Here the group encounters two dogs trotting down the middle of the highway.
The group takes a break at Hartsel.
The almighty GT!
Very cool shot of the GT behind us as seen through the side-view mirrow. Photo by Clint DeHerrera.
A view out the back window of the Subaru shows the menacing appearance of the GT. Photo by Clint DeHerrera.
The GT stretches its legs a bit on this section of straight highway. Photo by Clint DeHerrera.
Here we see the group enjoying some twisties outside of Deckers. Photo by Clint DeHerrera.
Seeing one of these cars on the highway by itself is pretty cool - but seeing both next to each other is absolutely awesome! Photo by Clint DeHerrera.
At the end of the run Kip opens up the GT for us for one last look.
The business end of the GT! 5.4L supercharged V8.
GT dashboard.
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