Cruise to Nederland - June 1, 2003

On this particular Sunday a group of us decided to make a little run up to Nederland for brunch. Here's a couple pictures from a short stop in Golden Gate Canyon. As with most of our runs, only half the cars were Panteras. In case you're wondering, that black car is a highly-modified 1955 Ford Thunderbird. Let's just say it ain't your ordinary '55 T-bird.
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The pictures below are screen shots from a digital camcorder mounted inside Matt's Pantera. They're only 320x240 resolution but they will still give you a good feel for the view from the seat!
All the cars cruising down Leyden Road.
Nice view of Dave's whale tail.
Open road! It doesn't get much better than this.
Keeping the pressure on Dave's Porsche 911.
More open road!
A couple shots from Golden Gate Canyon. Ken is leading in his Pantera with Joe's T-bird right behind him.
View of the continental divide from Highway 119. Notice the clouds moving in across the peaks. The ride home later on would be a wet one...
A local speed trap. Luckily we didn't have to participate in this city fundraiser.
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