Cruising Around the Front Range - May 14, 2005

Spring is here and the weather is beautiful so we had an informal get together to go enjoy the nice weather with a cruise around some mountain roads. Barry brought out his Pantera which was accompanied by a couple of Sunbeam Tigers and the rice burning hot rod Subaru of your humble webmaster. This cruise ended up being a 200+ mile round trip but the weather was so nice and the roads were clear so we just didn't want to let it end. Enjoy...
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Ken leads the way down Highway 128 towards Boulder.
Enjoying a little "canyon carving" as the sportbikers say.
Barry's Pantera certainly looks menacing back there.
We just had to try out the new Central City Parkway. Nice!
Pausing for a rest in a parking lot near Idaho Springs. At this point we bid Bill farewell but the remaining three continued for a run over Squaw Pass.
The usual suspects lined up near Bergen Park.
Barry's Pantera got some good exercise.
Ken's Tiger - don't be fooled by the docile appearance of this small British sports car. The Sunbeam Tigers are real fire breathers!
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