CECA High Plains Raceway Track Event, 9/26/09

CECA ended the 2009 season with an open track event and barbeque at High Plains Raceway. The weather was perfect and everyone had a good time practicing on Colorado's newest race track. We even had three Panteras present and we were able to get the three together on track for some pictures. For those of you that have never seen High Plains Raceway before, it's a 2.5-mile road course 18 miles east of Byers, Colorado featuring some challenging elevation changes unlike anything else in the state. Check out the official HPR web site. Photos by Matt Hannes unless noted otherwise.
A wide assortment of high performance vehicles was present as seen here in staging for morning sessions.
Dennis, Scott, and Dave H. brought their Panteras out.
Here's a variety of cars hitting the "Prairie Corkscrew" - a Z06 Corvette, Ford GT, Caterham Super 7 replica, and Porsche.
Vintage Mustang losing the rear end in the Prairie Corkscrew.
More assorted cars...SVT Mustang leading Bruce Bacon's Super-Roo, followed by another STI and a BMW M3.
That's yours truly in the STI chasing the Corvette through the Prairie Corkscrew. Photo by Dave Hall.
All Ford power here! Three Panteras and a race-prepped Mustang.
Left-to-right: Dennis B., Dave H., and Scott R. on track entering Turn 15.
Another shot of our three Panteras in the Prairie Corkscrew.
Dave H. and Scott having some fun on the track.
I couldn't resist posting this shot of a modified Subaru Legacy chasing down some Corvettes on the track, and doing a respectable job at that.
More neat cars in Turn 9. That's an old-school race-prepped Beamer way out in front.
Big American muscle here! Seeing cars like this at a car show is one thing, but seeing them out on track running at speed is an entirely different experience.

As an extra-special treat for those of you who've made it this far down the page, here's a series of photos of a Viper doing some unanticipated off-roading in Turn 14:
No harm, no foul!

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